About Us

The Southern Maltings Group

The Southern Maltings Group formed to campaign to keep the Southern Maltings for public use and redevelop the whole building as an arts hub.

We are a group of volunteers with a strong interest in local heritage, the arts and education.

We believe the arts are important for unlocking all types of learning and potential as well as helping people feel healthy, happy and building a sense of community.

We are using our skills and experience in areas such as finance, arts education, developing public buildings, project management, heritage and conservation, film-making, design and communications to develop the Southern Maltings and to establish it as a viable business.

The arts centre will be run on a not-for- profit basis, with all income funding further development.

Watch this space for volunteering and sponsorship opportunities.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a dynamic and flexible space that will bring together artists and audiences to make, experience and enjoy creative arts.

The Southern Maltings will be a vibrant, contemporary and inclusive centre, providing studios, exhibition, performance and social spaces that will provide a platform for people of all ages and abilities to create and show their work and collaborate with others.

It will be an arts hub, providing a varied programme of activities in the Southern Maltings and in the community, that responds to people's interests.

We want to provide the creative spark that ignites and unlocks potential and nurtures talent by providing access to great facilities and artists who will inspire people to try new things.

By giving this historic building a new purpose as an 'arts for all centre' we will bring cultural, social and economic benefits to the whole area.